Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DJ Keyz Presents T.I. & Bun B - Corna Kingz 11

01 T.I. Pledge Allegiance To The Swag (Feat. Rick Ross)
02 Bun B Miss Me
03 T.I. Freeze Me
04 Bun B What Up
05 T.I. Stop The Party
06 Bun B Get Big
07 T.I. Maybach Music 3
08 Bun B You Should Go Home
09 T.I. Freaky Dance
10 Bun B Don't Go
11 T.I. Yep That's Me
12 Bun B The Pope
13 T.I. Rose Red
14 Bun B Never Matter To You
15 T.I. Spazz Out
16 Bun B B.M.F.
17 T.I. Yeah
18 Bun B Untitled Flow
19 T.I. Ya Hear Me
20 Bun B The Best Is Back
21 T.I. Get Your Girl
22 Bun B It's Been A Pleasure (Feat. Drake)
23 T.I. Here We Go Again
24 Bun B Chuuch
25 T.I. Yeah Ya Know
26 Bun B Put It Down (Feat. Drake)
27 T.I. Fancy
28 Bun B Get In My Car
29 T.I. Bet I Bust (Feat. B.O.B & Playboy Tre)


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