Sunday, December 27, 2009

DJ Skee Presents Bishop Lamont And Indef - Team America Fuck Yeah (Special Forces)

01. Team America PSA (Feat. K. Henry aka “Bosley”)
02. Team America Fuck Yea Anthem [Prod. By Dready Beats]
03. The Sandler Files (Feat. Godfather J) [Prod. By Loso The Heartthrob]
04. Niggas [Prod. By Josef Leimberg]
05. I Think We Gonna Have Sex [Prod. By Willie B.]
06. Death Threat Interlude (Feat. Tom Cruise)
07. Money On My Head [Prod. By Black Milk]
08. Landed In Afganistan Interlude
09. I’m Faded (Feat. Nate Dogg) [Prod. By Warren G]
10. I Like Bombs (Feat. Deen as “Osama Bin Laden”) [Prod. By Dready Beats]
11. Fuck North Korea (Feat. Damizza) [Prod. By Joseg Leimberg]
12. The Biggest Boss (Feat. DJ Rhettmatic as “Kim Jung Ill”) [Prod. By Dready Beats]
13. B.O.B. (Barack Over Bad Guys) (Feat. Affion Crockett as “President Obama” And Willie B) [Prod. By Siege]
14. Game Of Death (Korean Version) (Feat. DJ Rhettmatic as “Kim Jung Ill”, GetBusyCommittee, And K. Henry) [Prod. By Scoop Deville]
15. Kim Jung Ill Interlude
16. Mission Failure (America Mourns) (Feat. Elijah as “Bruce Springstein”) [Prod. By Siege]
17. The Big Payback [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
18. Showdown At NY Pinkberry (Feat. Deen) [Prod. By Scoop Deville And JRK]


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